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Oxycodone 15mg, also available as OxyContin, is an opioid medication (sometimes called narcotics). It helps treat moderate to severe pain.

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Oxycodone 15mg – Drug Abusers’ Favorite CNS Depressant

During a 2010 meeting with CVS representatives, DEA investigators informed them of the red flags of oxycodone and alprazolam prescriptions. They also warned of the potential for diversion of these prescription drugs. These drugs are very addictive and can cause serious physical and emotional harm if misused. They should be taken as prescribed by a doctor. If you suspect that someone is abusing an opioid drug, call 911. Oxycodone overdose is a serious emergency. It is important to know the symptoms of overdose and how to prevent it. Having adequate knowledge about the risks and warning signs can save your life. Oxycodone 15mg.

Agents conducted two undercover buys with a confidential source (CS). CS provided the Agents with a fictitious prescription for oxycodone 30 mg. He also provided the Agents with a recording device. The Agents asked CS to give the names of doctors and other medical practitioners in the Tampa area. The Agents then photocopied the prescriptions, entered them into the Registrant’s dispensing software, and faxed them to the owner, Ihab Amir Barsoum. Barsoum acknowledged that he had received the fictitious prescriptions. He instructed CS to place his physician’s name and registration number on the fictitious prescriptions. The Registrant’s dispensing software then logged the fictitious prescriptions.

The DEA Investigators then explained the red flags to CVS representatives in a December 2010 meeting. CVS representatives were surprised by the oxycodone order. They agreed with the DEA assessment. They also said that calling the physician’s office did not meet verification requirements. However, a DEA representative did contact the source of information, and that source stated that the agents had purchased the drugs from Barsoum. In addition, the agent retrieved four unused prescriptions from the Registrant’s inventory.

The Agents then conducted an undercover buy at the Registrant. The Agents gave CS $5,000 in cash. The Agents searched the CS for contraband. They found two bottles of oxycodone 15 mg, and four bottles of oxycodone 30 mg. The Agents counted the contents of the bottles and determined that they contained 800 dosage units. CS stated that the limit on oxycodone was reached. The Agents searched the CS again, and found no contraband. They also found four bottles of oxycodone 30mg that were unused.

The Agents then conducted another undercover buy at the Registrant. CS told the Agents that he had received a text from Barsoum, indicating that he had 700 dosage units of oxycodone 30mg. He also provided the Agents with fictitious prescriptions for oxycodone 30 mg. The Registrant’s dispensing and inventory software then logged the prescriptions. However, Barsoum told CS that the prescriptions would be used for transactions and would be sold. The Registrant’s dispensing database was used to dispense prescriptions for oxycodone 30mg on different days. The Registrant’s inventory software was used to dispense prescriptions for the oxycodone 15 mg on one day and the oxycodone 30 mg on a second day. The Registrant’s inventory software also showed that the oxycodone was sold on a third day.


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